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0024 Pattern Of Growth

Leipzig, 14.4.-24.5.2018, Galerie Drei Ringe, installation views: Sophia Kesting

A walk along Second Avenue, Detroit. Starting in Highland Park, the birthplace of mass produced automobiles, towards New Center. Part of the city's grid structure is the alleyway. It is a narrow road in the middle of every block intended as a back entrance to the individual properties, commonly used to drive the car into the garage. Due to the massive degrowth of Detroit, a lot of properties are abandoned. The alleyways have transformed into more or less accessible, overgrown spaces with time, leftovers of an economical process.

Silver gelatin artist prints on baryta paper, 30 x 40 cm, sheet metal, neodymium magnets, roof battens

Publication: Second (Detroit), 2018, first ed. of 100 copies, 30 x 21 cm, 52 pages, laser print, soft cover, stapled