___ALEXANDER ROSENKRANZ visual artist • upcoming: Group show Last of the wild – Least wild from 15.2.18 to 18.2.18 at class of Joachim Brohm, Academy Of Visual Arts Leipzig (DE); Solo show Pattern of growth from 14.4.18 to 24.5.18 at Galerie Drei Ringe, Leipzig (DE)


___Printed matter: Das Zelt / Sierra Leone II (2016)


___Situasjonsplan (2016)


___Alphagraph (2016)


___More: Richtig Liegen (2015) Meditation Directly Every Weekend 10 Days Memento (2015, sold out) Mit Leiter Und Kamera (2015) Among The Cormorants (2014) Zufällig In Rom / Die Blütezeit Des Zufalls (2014, sold out) The Use Of Spaces And Lines (2014)


___Ongoing project: Städte des 20. Jahrhunderts